Keep Calm and Carry On ~ A View From The Keyboard

The first of our submissions to the series “View From The Keyboard” comes from almost-done Columbia College Chicago Creative Writing-Fiction MFA candidate Kathy Churay. Even as she scrambles to complete her thesis (a story of grief, alcohol, bagpipes, and love), Kathy has taken time out to send this photo of her writing space.

Kathy: Here’s a photo of my bedroom writing desk.  I share an apartment so this is the only place I can go to shut the door.  It’s a bit cramped, but it’s noise- and cat-proof.

Anxiety is ever-present when I write — thus the large poster over the desk.  The motto was originally designed to encourage civilians in London during the Blitz.  It’s a great reminder to me that not writing the Great American Novel isn’t such a big problem after all. ~

Thanks for the submission, Kathy!

A reminder that you, too, can submit your photo and words to Please read the first post in this blog series to find out the guidelines for submission.

Coming soon: an excerpt from a play by award-winning playwright Lisa Schlesinger!←

3 Replies to “Keep Calm and Carry On ~ A View From The Keyboard”

  1. Kathy, And anyways, who can say what a Great American Novel even is? I know yours is going to be a mighty fine book. Bagpipes and everything.

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