Happy Birthday Anna Deavere Smith ~ View From the Keyboard

“I think it’s a fight we need to have.

And I think the American people accept those

values —

But there are some people on the right who don’t.

They look at

At society as a. . . .

In Darwinian terms.

If you succeed in life because you had advantages

God wanted you to succeed

And if you fail

It’s your own fault —

And if it’s your own fault

Why should anybody else have to help you?

And I reject that

I reject that.

It’s inconsistent with my values.

I disagree very strongly with it.”

~Taken from an interview Anna Deavere Smith conducted with Henry Waxman for an early draft of “Let Me Down Easy,” Smith’s play about the United States healthcare system (New York Times Magazine article, September 30, 2009.)

Happy Birthday to a writer and performer who does her best to keep us mindful of the world around us with all of its challenges and its joys.

→Image from Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.” Thanks for reading. -PMc←

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