Sometimes You Do Things ~ A Journal Prompt Response by Cyn Vargas

Image from Soy Cuba
Image from Soy Cuba

Every now and again visitors to my blog share with me the writing they do that comes from the site’s daily journal prompts. I have posted a number of these pieces in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. It is very satisfying for me to know that some little thing I might do can drive others to the page. So here is a small part of one of these responses. Cyn Vargas, who graced these pages once before with her contribution to View From the Keyboard, told me that she wrote a short-short story based on this prompt, and I twisted her arm into letting me post just the opening of that story here. She is shopping the full story around, so keep your eye out for it. I think you will want to know how the story ends.

SOMETIMES YOU DO THINGS – an excerpt by Cyn Vargas

Sometimes you do things because you want to. Other times it’s because you have to. That Sunday when the first frost covered the windows like frozen strands of cotton candy, when the branches no longer swayed in the stiff wind, I did the things I did because I had no other choice. It was me or him and a month before, hell even a day before, I would have chosen him, but not that morning. I made a choice to tell myself I had no choice, so I did those things and I haven’t seen him since. …

→Thanks again, Cyn, for letting me post this piece. Let me extend the invitation to readers to post their journal prompt responses to the comments section of these pages. And as always, thanks for reading! -PMc←

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