One Reply to “9.22.2013 Journal Prompt”

  1. ‘Fuck!’ She kicked the front tyre of her car. Not because the tyre was the problem, but just because it was something to kick. If Beric had been there, she’d have kicked him. He was the problem, if truth be told. Beric and his dick that he can’t keep in his pants for longer than a week, even though they’d been husband and wife for almost three years now. She’d had enough. More than enough. So she’d taken the pick up and hit out for nowhere in particular except that it was far away from Beric. And there was the other problem: the pick up was out of gas.

    She screamed her rage at the sky and kicked the truck again and swore. Then she locked up and headed along the road, looking for help.

    Murdoch’s bar seemed out of place. Nothing else as far as the eye could see. Not in any direction. Just hills and sky and flat moorland and a grey ribbon of road trailing through it. There was a car parked outside so Lily ventured inside. Two men sat at the bar, not speaking, just staring into the frothy head of their beer. They looked up as Lily entered.

    ‘Fuck!’ she said again and she broke into tears.

    Once she was sat at a table and a drink put in her hands and reassurances given that nothing was as bad as all that, she unfolded her tale. She’d no gas and no money and no intention of going back to that bastard.

    Finlay said she could stay with him for the night. There was a spare bed he could put up in the front room or she could cuddle in with him. He said his bed was big enough for the both of them. He made Lily laugh and they all laughed. They could drive her out to Ted’s Gas station in the morning.

    They were old guys, as old as black and white television and moon walks, Finlay and Stu. And they kept winking at each other and touching Lily with the tips of their fingers, as if they did not really believe she was really there. They ordered plates of fish and chips and peas at the bar and more drinks, and Beric and his let-loose dick were forgotten.

    Lily went home with Finlay at the end of the evening. He was slurring his words by then and trying to sing and the path he took home was not a straight one. The stars were out and it was quiet, as if the whole world was holding its breath. Finlay held Lily’s hand so she wouldn’t lose him in the dark, so he wouldn’t lose her. The house was in blank and black and still when they found it and neither of them were fit for putting up any bed. Finlay said he’d sleep on the settee and Lily could have the bed.

    She thanked him and embraced him. They held onto each other past being comfortable. She became aware that he was hard against her leg. Then one of Finlay’s hands was holding one of her tits. There was no hurry to break away and no fumbling push to go further than they had. It was just Finlay, a little breathless and hard and holding her tit and Lily not letting go. Then he wasn’t hard any longer.

    Lily said goodnight and she kissed him and shut the bedroom door softly against him.

    In the morning Finlay drove Lily to the gas station and he paid for gas and drove her back to her pick up. She said he was a perfect gentleman and she hoped he’d have a story to tell Stu after she’d gone and she winked and waved and drove on into a future without Beric. And Finlay looked down at his hand, cupped as if he was still holding the girl’s tit and he laughed and said ‘Fuck’ under his breath.

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