3 Replies to “10.2.2013 Journal Prompt”

  1. Patricia, I continue to have good success with your photo prompts and am also using my own more. So much out in the world inspires me to write, as well as my own internal promptings. This week I posted “Eben Waiting” in response to the picture of the young man standing with suitcase. Thanks for such an interesting supply–and I will still note the origin (re: your blog) if that is something you would rather I do. Hopefully many new bloggers have stopped by. Regards.

  2. I thought she must have been invited by one of the managers. I didn’t recognize her, so I knew she wasn’t a wife. But sometimes they asked sisters or girlfriends. And Bob from accounts was paying her a lot of attention, so I thought maybe she was with him.

    Bob was married. We all knew that. Wife and two kids. But we also knew that things were not all rosy in that garden. Bob had been coming in with his shirts un-ironed and looking like a half shut knife. And he had to buy his lunch in these days, when before there had been sandwiches cut into neat triangles and packed into a plastic box with a piece of fruit and a small packet of biscuits. And now he was paying compliments to a girl almost half his age and that girl bursting out of her dress in all the right places.

    Her name was Corinne, apparently. Just Corinne. Ed in human resources made a joke about Bob and the girl. He said, ‘Cor… Bob’s in there.’ But though the girl was dancing with Bob and really shaking it and giving Bob plenty to look at, it was clear she wasn’t going to settle for middle management; She kept looking across at Mr Cullen, the deputy manager.

    Cullen was a man in his forties, tall and thin as a rake, and he wore stylish suits and his shoes with a shine like glass. He had good manners, too, and we all thought he was gay. He was always dropping in on Andrew in legal and Andrew was gay and so we just put two and two together and we thought Cullen must be gay, too. But suddenly Cullen was showing an interest in Cor-Corinne. He took her over a drink and he cut in on Bob – pulled rank, if you like. And because Bob thought Cullen was gay, he just smiled and backed away.

    The music slowed then and the lights dimmed and they were soon holding each other close and moving like cats when they want something and they rub their bodies against you; and there was gay Cullen and he was making out with Cor-Corinne and that raised a few eyebrows, I can tell you. And Bob swore and he said that he thought he’d been in there, before that fag had cut in. And Bob was a little crude then in what he would have done with a girl like that.

    After two dances, Ed was saying they needed hosed down, the two of them; and Julia from the typing pool made some uncomplimentary remarks about Corinne’s tits and how they were all sitting up and begging to be noticed and that was on account of the push-up bra she was wearing. And Cullen and Corinne slipped away then.

    They were gone for about half an hour and when they returned it was obvious. Bob was too drunk to notice and too drunk to care. And the managing director asked who the girl was and no one knew, not really, except she was called Corinne, and even then we didn’t know how we knew that and so suddenly we weren’t sure. We said she was with Mr Cullen, and the MD looked at us as if we were making a joke he was not in on. He looked again at Cullen and at Corinne, and the way they were touching each other, that made him raise his eyebrows same as we had.

    ‘I thought Cullen was gay,’ said the MD and we laughed and pretended what he said was news to us.

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