10.22.2013 Journal Prompt

Image from Another Year
Image from Another Year

October 22, 2013: A blind date.


2 thoughts on “10.22.2013 Journal Prompt

  1. Lindsay

    He was just a voice at the end of the phone and before that a few choice words printed in a newspaper Lonely Hearts column. I don’t know why I phoned, except Jan said it might be fun. I was a little bored anyway, and Frank was away more often than home and I could smell other women on him when he did come home. So I thought why not?

    His name was Ed and he sounded reasonable on the phone, his voice all brown sugar and soft, and we talked every night for almost a month and he made me laugh and I liked that. Then he said we should meet and I wasn’t sure and I said I’d see. When I told Jan she said I should go for it. She said Frank had tried it on with her once, kissing her neck and stroking her tits through her dress; and if he was trying it on with Jan than he was trying it on with a lot of other girls.

    Ed said we could keep it all relaxed. Nothing formal. Just something to eat and he knew this nice place on the edge of town and it’d be his treat, or I could go dutch if that upset me. He asked if I liked Italian food and I said yes, that I did, and that small yes was the start and so we arranged to meet.

    ‘We don’t need to call it a date,’ he said. But it felt like a date to me.

    The place was called Angelo’s and it was relaxed like Ed said. We had a table outside and we were close to the freeway and men in trucks sounded their horns and shouted out of their windows. I couldn’t hear what they said exactly, but they were truck drivers so I had a fair idea.

    I was a little nervous to be honest and I didn’t say much at first. The food was nice enough and Ed, well he was nice too. Not quite what I had imagined over the phone. He was a little older and a bit thicker around the waste. He drank beer from a can and smoked cigarettes even while he was eating. I drank wine. We ordered a whole bottle of Verdicchio. It was a little warm and I drank it like it was water. And we sat close enough that we touched, me and Ed, and like I said, I drank too much wine.

    We went back to Ed’s place afterwards. I don’t know how that happened. And one thing led to another and we were undressed and in Ed’s bed and he was heavy on me and breathless and moaning. And I thought of Frank then and I was crying suddenly and that made no sense.

    Ed thought it was him and he stopped and he said he was sorry and that maybe we had moved too fast and he was sorry again. And he stroked my cheek and he said he really liked me and his words were all slow and slurred and I kissed him, tasting cigarettes and beer on his breath.

    When I told Jan, she said I was a dirty whore, but she was just messing and she laughed. She said it was nothing less than Frank deserved and she hoped I’d see Ed again. Jan said he sounded nice from the things I’d told her. I thought maybe she was right and I thought maybe I would see Ed again and it’d be a whole lot easier the next time.

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