3.23.2014 Journal Prompt

Photo by Malick Sidibe
Photo by Malick Sidibe

March 23, 2014: They were in love.

2 Replies to “3.23.2014 Journal Prompt”

  1. It was obvious. Maybe it was obvious right from the start. Maybe there was a spark, you know. Like when they met, or when they’s eyes caught the attention of the other from across the room. And like a fuse that’s been lit, then it was inevitable. And the sun comes up just when you expect it to, regular as train times, and it was that obvious.

    ‘Course they din’t see it. They was too close. It can be like that, you know. It can be so that the whole world sees it, from miles off, and the two at the centre miss it. And she says to me that she likes him, really likes him, and she wonders if he likes her, too. And she really din’t know. I laughed, till I saw that she was frighted then, like a rabbit that faces a huntsman’s gun and it don’t know if it can run and be free or if it stays and meets its end.

    I stroked her face real gentle and I kissed her lips soft as whispers and I said for her not to worry none. A girl as pretty as she is, I said, well, she could catch any man she wanted and there was more than him looking down the front of her dress this night.

    She said he was different. She said she din’t want no other man. She said he was clean and holy, like a angel or a saint, and he smelled like church air and he was so respectful. I laughed then. I couldn’t help myself, cos I is older and I has been around the block a few times and I knows what’s what. Good as choir boys to start with and then like choir boys they’s hands is on they’s cocks and aint no man good or holy after that.

    He come over eventually, and he asked her to dance, and he says if she would do him the pleasure and if you please, and like I says it was obvious. They was like two strutting birds then, all they’s courtship feathers fluffed up and pretty and the music playing through they’s movements. Jesus, it was so fucking obvious. It was almost like they was doing it right there on the dance floor ‘cept they looked so innocent. She’d kicked off her shoes and they was moving in step with one another. I couldn’t help smiling at that. I remembered then how it’d been like that once for me.

    And one dance slipped easy into another and they had the floor to theyselves and it was getting late and still they was like two moths circling a flame and neither one of em yet brave enough to enter the fire that might consume em. I was getting tired by this time and losing my patience, and I thought there was a danger they’d say each other goodnight and the moment would’ve passed and would never come back to em. So, I walks right up to the two strutting birds, right in the middle of they’s dancing, and I takes his hand and hers and I puts em together.

    It’s obvious, I told em. And I think then it was even obvious to both of em. I laughed and the band stopped playing and the lights went out and all the windows shut and the doors, too. And I left em to it.

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