Finding my Father and the FBI ~ A Fathers’ Day Tale by Patricia Ann McNair


I was honored by an invitation to contribute to Chicago Literati’s June issue. Here’s my piece (reblogged with permission) and let me encourage you to stop over there at their site for some literary goodness. Thanks for reading!

5 Replies to “Finding my Father and the FBI ~ A Fathers’ Day Tale by Patricia Ann McNair”

  1. I saved the reading of this until the weekend, when my head is clearest and I can take the time. Of course, the essay is very personal and I was moved by your searching for who your father was (I have been through a similar search, so I felt this keenly). But what I really loved in this, what I am allowed to love because it is your father after all, is the writing. The structure of the whole piece and the structure of the smaller bits, the sentences, just beautiful. And the not ever finding the file and so only knowing the small bits of truths at the end… just so poignant. Thanks for sharing this, Patty.

    1. Lindsay, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I so appreciate your thoughts about writing. I also want to apologize for not responding more to the wonderful pieces you contribute; I am teaching a summer term, and feel like I am forever behind on things. But know that there is little that makes this blog more fun for me than finding your wonderful stories! Yours-

  2. Patty… you do a great job of posting these prompts… and I am so gripped by my personal challenge to produce five hundred flashes that you have no need to apologise for not reading them all and not commenting on them all. As for your day job, I now what it is like to feel behind on everything, so again there is no need for you to apologise. I am just so glad that my stuff still finds an audience and is still fun. Thanks.

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