1.1.2015 Journal Prompt

January 1, 2015: She couldn’t stop.

Happy New Year, Friends!

As some of you know, I started putting up these daily journal prompts in early January 2012, and have done so almost daily (ok, I missed one day, but made up for it; and put another one up past midnight another time…so sue me.) That means–let me check my math–more than 1,000 image and text prompts. And hundreds of responses from readers who have used these prompts to jump start their own writing engines. Nothing pleases me more than to hear from someone that they were inspired by something I posted.

This year, I am going to try something a little different. And what is that, you ask? I will come up with a sentence each week, and over the course of the following seven days, will put the same text prompt up with different images. The idea is that it will start different story ideas with each post, even if the sentence stays the same. (That’s the idea, at least.)

The first sentence you will find above. I will use it for eleven days this time (just this time) and then will move to new text and image prompts on January 12.

As always, I am eager to see what these prompts do for your writing. Please share (if you feel so inclined) your writing via the comments section of this site.

And as always, too, I thank you for reading. -PMc