One Reply to “6.3.2015 Journal Prompt”

  1. Trish said we was to dress up in our pretty best. She said as how Kissy was going to get married and we was all to be there, like bridesmaids even tho it wasn’t no church she was getting married in. Trish had got a call in the morning and she said Millie was in love and it was for real this time and she was snatching for her bit of happiness and not ever letting it go.

    Suz didn’t really believe it. Not none of it. she said it was probably a joke and Millie’d turn up and we’d all go drinking and looking for guys up on the street. Still, Suz did as she was told and she made her hair look nice and she wore the white high heels like we said she should, white heels like we was all agreed on wearing – that way we all looked the same tho our dresses was all colours.

    We was gathered outside the notary’s office and it was near to 2 o’clock and Kissy said she wanted to go pee and we said as how it was too near to the time and she should just hold it in. I think we was all feeling the same, which was excited and not really believing – both at the same time.

    Then this car drew up. Nothing fancy, though it had been through the carwash earlier and it looked all scrubbed up and shiny. There was something about the car, but I didn’t get it right away. And Millie was leaning out of the rolled down window and her face was all smiles and she was wearing a white dress and flowers in her hair. Seeing her like that I thought it must be for real and we was all screaming and laughing and Kissy was too excited to be thinking about peeing then.

    And this guy got out of the car and he was dressed in a sharp suit and with a tie knotted neat at his neck and the cat’s eye flash of cufflinks when he reached out one hand to open Millie’s door. They kissed when she stepped out and I knew then that he was the man. And we all knew, and we turned him round so we could see if he was up to marrying our Millie.

    Well, I don’t mind saying that I got a bit of a shock when I saw him. He’d scrubbed up nice like the car, but I knew him soon as seeing him and I knew the car then, too. It was Johnny Spett. Johnny from the bar up on Cutter’s drive. Johnny who took me out back last night, out where it was dark as the eyes of dead birds, and he tore my dress a little and he said my name over and over like it was a spell he was casting or under. And we did it up against a parked car, and he was quick as quick, and we was both breathless and moaning, and Johnny making the sound of puppies when they is taken from their mother.

    Johnny Spett, and last night he was fucking me up against the same car he’d just pulled up in. And today he was marrying our Millie and he smiled at me and winked and he was holding Millie’s hand and she looked so happy that I wanted to cry, and I just couldn’t say a word against that.

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