Narrative Nudge ~ Prompts for Writing

Looking for a jump start to your writing practice? Want a little nudge? Consider these: Narrative Nudge: Prompts for Writing

For a number of years, I’ve posted photos and phrases I use to help me think about story ideas. You will find hundreds of possibilities here. You will also find comments and journal work from readers from the US and overseas. I would love to hear from you, too.

Click: Narrative Nudge and let the writing begin.

41 thoughts on “Narrative Nudge ~ Prompts for Writing

  1. Patty, I do the same thing with the “flabby far-reaching” deadlines. Starting tonight I will write every night in my journal and use your prompts. Thanks for this. It makes me feel accountable to someone other than my “flabby” self! Good writing!

      1. Wrote with the prompt last night, I always thought I would “feel” like an adult at some unspoken, magical point.
        Still don’t feel that! Got two pages from that prompt and will tweek it today to post on my blog! Then on to the next prompt. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Susan Babyk

    Patty: I usually write “cold” in my journal, first thing in the morning, starting with my dreams and shooting for 3 pages, longhand. I’m sticking a post-it in my brand new journal right now and, starting tomorrow morning, I’ll use your day-before’s prompt for inspiration. Thanks.

  3. Have the fortune to ride public trans throughout Prague on a daily basis, which lets me make copious notes on my novel, do some writing of scenes/dialogue (albeit short, usually), and get my daily dose of reading (read 47 books last year … quite amazed at that). But for years I didn’t have this luxury of writing time. This is my fortune. I feel like a leprechaun chained to his pot of gold.

  4. I had an epiphany this past week that writing a daily journal could be good for my health. In order to make sure I stay on task I’ve been creating my own prompts. Today, however, I needed a bit of inspiration. Thank you for providing it.

  5. What a terrific resource–thank you for sharing! FYI: I just started blogging about the writing life and include prompts at the close of all of my entries–in other words, I’m happy to share, too. 😉

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  11. Christina Booth

    Hi Patty,

    I’m Christina Booth, an undergrad at Columbia, and your past prompts have been a big help in giving me something to update my otherwise rather boring blog with. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this year!

    I’ve decided to try and use a different prompt everyday to keep the juices flowing so I hope it’s okay that I’m mentioning where I’m getting them. Would you like me to link to you?

    1. Hi, Christina!

      And thanks for the thumbs up. I am glad you find these useful. I would be honored if you let folks know where you got the prompts from (although sometimes you might not want to, and that’s okay, too, for whatever reason.) I would also like it very much if you linked back to me. I also will probably want to link to your responses on occasion if that is all right with you.

      Thanks for being in touch. I look forward to our sharing creative ideas this way, and to seeing you at school. Are you a fiction major?


      1. Christina Booth

        Thanks a lot, Patty, and yes, I am a fiction major. Hopefully I’ll be back in the saddle next fall.

  12. You came to me, a la Betty Rodgers. For each of you I am grateful and will earnestly strive, learn, grow and possibly, accomplish! Thanks so much for these delicious, tempting prompts C

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  14. Patty-I have once again mentioned you in my last blog post. I got freshly Pressed for “Pastime” this week; it was your great photo choice that was used to write my short short story. I have so enjoyed your pictures and ideas and will continue to credit the photos to your blog. Best regards!

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  19. I stumbled on this through Pinterest. I really enjoy your prompts. The ones from these days here in October especially. They relate to me more than ever, I’m going through some intentions emotional stress, and personal life changes at the moment, (relationship issues). I use to journal all the time and I stopped all of a sudden and I realize now how freeing it was. Very Long story, I might start blogging and actually use that as my “journal” to release some of what I’m going through.

    Thank you so much for this!

    1. Dear Artsy Susie–I am very glad to hear this. Sometimes we hit those passages when we just can’t make things work, no matter how much we want to. I hope you continue to find things in these pages to help give you the small nudge you need. And feel free to post anything you might write in the comments section, too. We have a few folks who do so regularly, and who like to read one another’s work along the way. Take care, Patty

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