Last Call for the (Really) Short Story


In a final adieu to May, Short Story Month, I am reprinting here (with permission) five Twisters (140 character short stories) tweeted by the writer Arjun Basu from his Twitter account.



  1. Then the barbecue came out and the men started grunting and the women swooned, and then he woke up and his dog licked his toes and he cried.
  2. A bomb exploded and he ran outside and studied the crater in a state of complete bewilderment. I won’t have to mow the lawn, he thought.
  3. Sunshine and a warm sensuous breeze. I’m taking my top off, she announces. At this point he’s pretty sure he’s getting lucky. Then it snows.
  4. He comes home and says, Who will love me? and his kids ignore him and his wife says, I have yoga, and he sighs and slips on something awful.
  5. The meal ends. And she gets wistful, a sadness from some place deep inside, and he asks what’s wrong and she thinks, I’ll miss your cooking.

What shall we celebrate next month?


Thanks, Arjun, for sharing these. -PMc←

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