Mount Carroll’s Market Street Commons ~ A Temporary View From the Keyboard

What was once known as the Kraft Building, a lovely old commercial edifice constructed more than 100 years ago, is now home to Mount Carroll’s Market Street Commons. After a devastating lightening strike to the old building and its resident businesses a few years ago, the place was taken over by Mount Carroll’s Community Development Corporation. Today the restored historic property is home to a number of small businesses and vendors, as well as a Welcome Center. Conveniently, the best coffee in town can be purchased here, and there is WiFi access as well. (We make good coffee at our house in Mt. Carroll, but we don’t have internet access. Or a phone. Or television.)

Dig the great tin ceiling, the original floors, and of course, the fancy new coffee making equipment. And that’s Philip up there in the first picture, in case you were wondering. Dig him, too. I do.

2 Replies to “Mount Carroll’s Market Street Commons ~ A Temporary View From the Keyboard”

  1. Your Mount Carroll’s Market Street Commons makes me think of many of the buildings in our / Traverse City/ very vibrant downtown. Many of the old buildings, which now house various restaurants and shops, have retained the old high tin ceilings. The down side is that they can be noisy if you are trying to converse over a yummy meal, but hey…that’s part of the charm!

    Thank you for posting the piece about your father. I wish I had such lovely memories of my own father. He left my life, in many ways, all too soon.

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