“The Bones of the Book Glimmer…” ~ A Review from TNB

I have just found out that The Temple of Air was reviewed in The Nervous Breakdown. Such a stellar review. So thoughtful and positive. A great way to have my review cherry popped.

Here’s a snippet of what the reviewer, Leah Tallon, wrote: “The bones of the book glimmer in the spirit of Winesburg, Ohio. McNair’s sentences are free flowing and emotionally charged, electric power lines running straight to your brain. Each word is honest and relatable.”

Not bad, eh?

I would encourage you to read the review in its entirety if you are willing, and I also remind you that while the book will be officially launched at Women and Children First in Chicago on September 9, 2011, advanced orders are being taken at Elephant Rock Books.




8 Replies to ““The Bones of the Book Glimmer…” ~ A Review from TNB”

  1. Wonderful review for a very wonderful book. Congratulations, Patricia on having your review cherry popped in a most delightful way !

    Marie Boldt

  2. Patty,

    I just got around to reading the review (I’m a bit behind in life here). WOW – I am so excited to read the book – even more than before. Congratulations – may this be the beginning of a memorable career as an author!

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