Great Books, Great Places ~ Robber’s Roost, Torrey, Utah

So here we are, out in Utah doing research for a travel article and following my cousin Doug’s advice, we happen on Robber’s Roost, a lovely little coffee shop and bookstore in Torrey, Utah, just outside Capitol Reef National Park. Not only is the coffee good (something, we’ve been told, isn’t always easy to find in Utah) but there are also all of these really wonderful books for sale. There’s the expected: Utah tour guides, hiking guides, flora and fauna stuff, Edward Abbey–and there’s the unexpected: Jennifer Egan, Rick Moody, Melanie Rae Thon.

And this made me think. How many of these great bookstores in great places are there? Hundreds? Thousands? Probably many more than we all can even imagine.

In order to celebrate these independent emporiums of books, I am adding a new series to this site: Great Books, Great Places. 

More coming soon, including information on how you can tell us about your great bookstore in a great place. And thanks for reading

2 Replies to “Great Books, Great Places ~ Robber’s Roost, Torrey, Utah”

  1. Ah Patricia, you would love this little log cabin, in a small unicorporated village on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s a book lovers dream come true. In the days of Nooks, IPods, and all, it is still so good to find a quiet corner with real books.

    1. You are right, Jo Anne, I do love Cottage Books. I try to get there whenever I can when I’m up in your neck of the woods. And it is where I discovered Bonnie Jo Campbell’s work some years ago. Thanks for the note.

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