Women and Children First, Chicago ~ Great Books, Great Places

I am trying to remember the first time I went to a reading at Women and Children First Bookstore, and who it was… A. Manette Ansay, maybe? Julia Alvarez? Carol Anshaw? Achy Obejas? It was well more than a dozen years ago. I do remember that the first book I ever bought there was Mary Gaitskill’s Two Girls Fat and Thin; I think I might have bought Margaret Atwood’s collection Bluebeard’s Egg that day as well. Since then I have been back many, many times, to see readings (recently April Newman and Sheree Greer at the Sapho Salon, and Bonnie Jo Campbell with her new book Once Upon a River) and to buy and order books. When I need to find the perfect something for my little nephews or a friend’s recent arrival, this is the place I go. When I just want to browse, to find something new, I do that here as well. Women and Children First is a great place to find gifts, journals, periodicals, and cards. And, if you’ve visited my site much before you know this too–it is a truly wonderful place to launch a book.

I welcome your input about great places to buy great books. Consider sending me note about and some photos of your favorite independent bookstore. I’ll try to help you get the word out. (Guidelines here.)

As always, thanks for reading! -PMc←

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