6 Replies to “Daily Journal Prompt #3”

  1. It would be interesting to see how the follow up from the prompts might differ without the visuals. Today’s prompt particularly intrigues me along those lines. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Jo Anne! And thanks for the note. So good to hear from you. The prompts are also updated on the Journal Resolution page with no visual. If you find that visual distracting (or if anyone reading this does) please just find your prompts on the Journal Resolution page. Scroll to the bottom. See you this summer?

      1. Thanks, Patty, I do hope to see you this summer. Will you be at a Writers Retreat at Interlochen? I’m not sure I find the visual distracting, it’s just that particularly with today’s prompt, I thought I would react very differently without that particular visual….maybe I have mousetrap phobia? Do you suppose?

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