You Gotta Read This ~ Celebrating the Short Story Collection and Short Story Month

I know you know this, but it is National Short Story Month here in the US. So I again want to honor the art of short story writing by sharing with you all some short story collections my closest friends (you know, the ones I met on Facebook) are partial to and why.

Behn R:  Girl With Curious Hair, by David Foster Wallace. Because so many of the short stories are parodies while others are deeply grounded in pop culture; the collection celebrates so many different voices and narrative styles that each story refreshed my sense of naive curiosity as I was forced to depart from one group of characters and invest myself in another.



Jeff K: I Hate to See that Evening Sun Go Down by William Gay










Michael D: The Coast of Chicago…………why? Dybek wrote it.  And it includes “Pet Milk”

Holly W: [Also] The Coast of Chicago by Stuart Dybek is one I keep returning to, perhaps it’s because I read it as a young, eager writer, and paid such close attention. The scenes in those stories are already nostalgic in their conception, and as I read and reread them, they are layered with new resonances. Plus, I just love ‘Pet Milk’ for the way it captures young love/lust, and the newness of the world when one has just left college and is finally on one’s own in the city, drinking King Alfonsos in a restaurant in Pilsen on a hot summer night, after work, with a lover.

John Mc: Stephen King, Full Dark, No Stars, a comprehensive series of short stories, each an enthralling read but, taking you to a whole series of differing experiences.

→Looking for summer reading that doesn’t make your head ache and teeth hurt? More story collection titles coming your way, so check back regularly. As always, thanks for reading. -PMc←

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