One Reply to “Daily Journal Prompt #229”

  1. I reckon as how he loves that song for a reason. He’s allus playing it when we is in Pokie’s Bar. Slipping a coupla dollars into the jukebox and making a selection, but allus beginning and ending with the one song. And he sets down his beer and wanders over to the machine when it’s playing, and he just stands there looking at the record going round and round and round. I reckon as he has a reason for that.

    Don’t misunderstand me. I love the song, too. It’s hand-clappy and guitars twanging, and it never fails to get me itchy and wanting to dance or even to sing – and I’d only sing if I was in my car and driving by myself and driving along a empty road with all the windows wound up, and only then I’d sing, at the top of my voice then and making believe I could actually be Van Morrison. But playing it every time we is in Pokie’s, and not just Pokie’s but any bar we goes into. and he scans the list on the machine and he’s only looking for the one song, and well, it gets so as I find myself cussing ‘gainst all them sha la la’s and those la te da’s.

    I asked him once what it was all about and he’d had enough to drink I think he almost told me. He said something anyways, under his breath and everything muffled. A name it was. A girl’s name. It was Judith or Julie or Jude, I forget which. And she had the brownest eyes the world ever saw, he said. And that was it.

    And if you listen to the words of the song it’s about remembering and being kids one minute and making love in the green grass the next; and summer it’s about, and rainbows and transistor radios, and singing along. Ain’t heard or seen him sing though, not once, not even when that one song is playing, and I wonder if like me he does it in the car when he’s by hisself, singing along to the radio if the song is on, or if he pulls over by the side of the road and he just listens same as he does in Pokie’s.

    All of that, the kid he was when he was growing up and the girls he kissed with hearts a-thumping, well that was before me and him got together and it ain’t nothing to do with me. And I ain’t really the jealous type cos I reckon as we all got our memories about the time before, memories we hold near and don’t ever let go of. Got secrets of my own that he don’t know about and that’s ok. But when I see him standing leaning against the jukebox in Pokie’s or some such, and that song is playing over and over, well, I feel something like an ache inside of me or like a hole.

    When the song’s finished he takes a moment to catch his breath and he pulls himself free of the jukebox and he comes back to me, walking slow like he’s not sure at first. Then he leans in to me and he kisses me, and he says I got the bluest eyes ever, and I know men and I know that they do that when they has been unfaithful and sorry that they was, and him kissing me them times well, that’s what it feels like.

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