3 Replies to “7.14.2013 Journal Prompt”

  1. God, she hated it, even though she was so good at it! She could make every night’s meal a five star delicacy, and her husband not only loved those meals, but grew to demand them, – she, who had grown up on most ordinary midwestern fare. . Funny how a talent for sensitivity, be it in music, or words, or cuisine, – it’s all in your fingertips, your touch, your taste, – but the moments it takes to make those meals, – oh, the slice and dice, the sip and slice and dice, and did I say the ‘sip’? and slice and dice? and the hours? and the days and years and years of good dinners? and the sips, the sips, the sips as you slice and dice? and suddenly all you want is a simple egg on toast. . and wish for the hour of five o’clock to never come again. And to have a simple meal without a sip.

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