2 Replies to “7.16.2013 Journal Prompt”

  1. She wore stars in her hair. Or were they flowers? It’d make more sense if they were flowers, but they were the shape of stars and all glint and glitter. But hadn’t the song been quite specific? Didn’t it say to ‘wear some flowers in your hair’ and anyway hadn’t we all agreed? But hers looked like stars.

    She took the bus out of town and we met at the base of the black sleeping hill and it was still night and quiet as bat-whispers and soon it would be morning and we’d said, it being the first of May, that we should all wash our faces in the dew and we’d be pretty for the rest of the year and everyone would see. And Alice had said it was a bit ‘new age’ and something her mother would have done as a girl in the seventies and something daft. And so we put on old records and danced with our arms waving in the air and our eyes closed and pretending like it was the summer of love, whatever that was. And that’s when we agreed, the whole thing. And flowers in the hair, we said. Definitely not stars.

    But then Jenn had started singing that song about us all being stardust and having to get ourselves back to the garden. And we all joined in the chorus, wailing like banshees. And so maybe they were stars in Jenn’s hair. The thing is, it didn’t really matter; she looked prettier than I’d ever noticed before and that was without the dew and I wanted to say something, but I just took her hand and we started climbing.

    Fran was ahead of us and she was all breathless song and laughter and urging us on, and she had her shoes in her hands, and her hair hung loose. And Jules was hurrying to keep up and she was singing, too. And Mary and Alison had stopped and they were taking in the view and the sky breaking open and the clouds all lit up and golden. And Carol was popping the cork on a bottle of cheap fizzing wine and Alice was still saying we were daft.

    I hadn’t really meant for what happened next. It wasn’t a plan or anything I’d even thought about. Not ever. Only, she was so damned pretty with those fucking stars in her hair, and we were all wearing flowers, and the new sun came up, and we kneeled in the grass and wet our cheeks and our lips, and we wet each other’s lips, and kisses then. Me and Jenn, and dewdrop kissing, and I said I loved her, and she smiled, and I said how we should move in together. And Jenn just shrugged and said, cool as silver stars, ‘If you like.’

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