2 Replies to “7.27.2013 Journal Prompt”

  1. They hang ribbons on the railings outside the house so the people of the town can see that old Lembo and his third wife have been gifted a boy. Just as Alessia Masci had said that they would. And old Lembo orders beer for everyone in Cordasco’s bar, and the music turned up loud and old Lembo singing, and dancing between the tables.

    And Leola Bucciero stands in the dark behind her father’s shop, and she holds the hand of a boy called Angelo. And she asks Angelo if he would like to kiss her. And he says that he would. And so they do. And in the space when they just hold each other, after that first kiss, and the stars winking in the sky above them, Leola offers up a quiet thank you and she sends it flying and wishes for it to reach Alessia Masci.

    And Bruno Amici counts the steps to the apartment of Susanna Velotta, and he knows there should be twenty-three for that is how many there always are. And he stops outside her door and he listens. Bach she is playing now, threading her dancing mood on the night air, and he does not yet knock on the door or call her name or make even the smallest sound that might tell her that he is there. Instead he listens, hearing what is in the music, just as Alessia Masci had told him to do.

    And Sergio Cassinelli closes up his father’s shop, pulling the shutters down on the windows and fixing them with a heavy red padlock. And he turns the key in the door until he hears the double click of the lock. And he retraces his steps home. But at the last, he stops and he does not go in. In stead, he follows the sound of old Lembo singing and the bright square yellow illumination that is Cordasco’s bar and the promise of a sort of oblivion in drinking too many beers.

    Alessia Masci sits alone with a plate of cooked cabbage and potatoes and two pork scallopini. She breaks off a piece of meat and holds her hand under the table and the cat comes licking and purring and speaking cat whispers. And Alessia Masci is smiling, and singing, and her feet shuffling like dancing. And between mouthfuls of food she speaks to no one in particular and she congratulates herself on being right about old Lembo and the boy. ‘Seven and a half pounds,’ she says. ‘And he will be called Giovanni or Tito, but that is just my fancy.’ And Alessia Masci is thinking about herself as a girl, and thinking about a boy that she once knew and once lost; and every evening she thinks about him and holds his name close to her heart and his name was Giovanni.

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