9.29.2013 Journal Prompt

Man-on-train-reading-Lady-002September 29, 2013: He’d never been much for books.

One Reply to “9.29.2013 Journal Prompt”

  1. I wasn’t one for books. Never read one in my life before. Not even in school. But then everyone was talking about it and it was in all the newspapers and the publishers were on trial for obscenity. So, I thought I should give it a look.

    I bought my copy from an adult book shop. They kept the book out of sight behind the counter and you had to ask for it in whispers and they slipped it into a brown paper bag so no one outside the shop would know.

    I didn’t let my mam know or anyone. Mam wouldn’t approve, I thought. I sneaked it into the house and read it behind the locked door of the bathroom. My da kept hammering on the door and shouting at me to get a bloody shake on; I think he thought it was a mucky magazine I was reading and ladies with few clothes on and their tits all puffed and sitting up straight.

    I read it by torchlight under the covers, and on the train to work behind the daily newspaper. I read it in my lunch break shut in a cleaner’s cupboard and Tommo thought I was necking with a girl called Sheila from the typing pool.

    If truth is to be told, the book had a few too many words for me and it wasn’t anywhere near as dirty as they said or as I had expected. There was a bit where a grubby gamekeeper was threading forget-me-nots into this posh bird’s hairy downstairs. He kept using words that’d push my mam to wash his mouth out with soap and water. I think if the naked women in the wood hadn’t been posh and a lady, then there wouldn’t have been the fuss that there was.

    I heard the canteen girls talking about it one day. They were tutting and shaking their heads and saying men could be so disgusting sometimes. I interrupted and said it wasn’t as bad as the papers made out. I said there were some bits that were beautiful with the words, but the money was better spent on a pint of best ale and a bag of chips from The Happy Friar.

    Christy, one of the canteen girls, gave me a look then and she smiled and played with the ends of her hair and she asked if I wanted sugar with my tea. Tommo said I was in there and a week later I was.

    Mam thought she was a nice enough girl and she was polite with her too many pleases and thankyous when mam offered her a cup of tea. And her skirt was not too short, my mam said, even though she had lovely legs. Mam thought she was respectable and she warned me to be a gentleman and not let the side down.

    I took Christy up to Bidwater reservoir one Sunday and we laid our coats down on the grass and we did it twice and Christy was a good fuck. Afterwards I picked daisy heads and threaded them all any which way into her hairy parts. It would have been a whole sight prettier if the sun had been out and the daisy heads open. Christy laughed and said I was a daft bugger and I was.

    Monday and the girls at work took to calling me ‘Daisy’ so I knew Christy’d told them everything and I didn’t mind that she did and Tommo wanted to know every small detail so I gave him my copy of the book.

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