One Reply to “10.3.2013 Journal Prompt”

  1. She asked me if I was a dog or a cat person. I wasn’t neither. Truth is, I never saw the point. Dogs is all sniff and bounce and lickin your hand or your face, and that just makes my stomach turn, you know, cos you see ‘em sometimes and they is lickin they’s own assholes. And cats rubbin they’s faces against you and purrin with the pleasure it gives ‘em and there’s fine silver hairs clingin to you when they’ve gone.

    I shrugs and I says I wasn’t particular.

    Turns out she’s a cat person. She’s got a sign in the window of the shop and it says no dogs. It says no prams neither and I wonder if she’s maybe a cat person and not exactly a people person. Howsomever, she says she likes me. She just out and says it. Like it’s part of the interview. She says I got a sweet smile that customers’ll warm to straight off and so she’s prepared to give me a chance. She says she’ll pay five bucks an hour and not a penny more unless business picks up. She says I could undo a few buttons on my blouse and maybe wear a shorter skirt. And she says to call her ‘Jelly’.

    It’s a bettin shop, see, and it’s mostly men what is doin the gamblin, and they start to leave me tips when they win and so five bucks an hour don’t seem so bad at the end of the day. And I think I’ve landed on my feet for once and I don’t mind the cat rubbin against me and purrin and makin the sound of a baby cryin whenever it’s hungry. And I get one of them hair remover brushes from the store and I keeps it in my handbag.

    And then one day, Jelly squeezes past me behind the counter. And I swears she’s just like her cat and she’s rubbin herself against me and purrin and I feel a little uncomfortable at first. And she’s lookin over my shoulder at the totals in the book and she says I’m doin just fine and she calls me ‘Honey’ and she strokes my hair gentler than any man ever did.

    There’s a little extra in my hand at the end of the day, and I don’t rightly know if it’s for the business, which is good, or for that pressin and rubbin and strokin. And she gives me a hug and I feel her again, all soft and suckin, and her tits like cushions, and she’s purrin again. And we hold each other a little longer than is natural.

    Next day it is like we is startin over and she’s forgotten what we done. At least until after lunch and the money is comin in and the books look better than before and then there she is, pressin herself against me all over again and her hand is touchin my ass, all gentle and brushin, and she says I is a real treasure. And there’s a man on the other side of the grill and his horse has just come in and he slips me a ten and he catches my fingers and he kisses ’em like he is a gentleman and I is a lady. And with all this touchin and kissin and Jelly whisperin in my ear, well I’m a bit dizzy. And it’s like that more and more.

    But like I said at the start, I ain’t really a dog or a cat person, not really. And so when Jelly slips her hand under my dress one day and she’s touchin me where she shouldn’t oughta, and I don’t know if I am enjoyin it or not, well I start lookin for another job then.

    And when I leave, she gives me a real big bonus, to show she’s no hard feelins and she kisses me one last time and I let her hold me for the longest time. And a part of me knows I’m gonna miss her as much as the money.

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