10.17.2013 Journal Prompt

Image from art.com
Image from art.com

October 17, 2013: Keep clear.


3 thoughts on “10.17.2013 Journal Prompt

  1. Lindsay

    Don’t matter what you did once. There ain’t no credit due to you after. That’s what it feels like. Cos I can remember a time when people nodded to us in the street and they opened doors for us and they said good morning and smiled when they said it. It was way back and we was doing men’s jobs then. In the factories. And the men was off fighting in far off places.

    ‘Course we was young then and pretty and we laughed like only the young can do and looking back I don’t know where the laughter came from in those times. The work was hard enough and we lost men we loved – brothers and fathers and men who might have one day been husbands. But somehow we found things to laugh about.

    I got pictures to prove everything I say. Black and white pictures and not as sharp as memory, but proof enough. Milly and Kitten and Paula an me – girls form school and we all got jobs packing shells and we put kisses on those shells, big red lipstick kisses, just where they wouldn’t be seen and our kisses exploding all over France and we laughed about that.

    We wore trousers cos they was practical and the older folks shook their heads and behind our backs and they said we was unnatural in what we did. And I remember kissing Kitten once, kissing her like she was a Kevin or a Keith, and touching her like boys touched us once behind the church on a Saturday night. We was close see, closer as sisters can be, and we took our pleasure where we found them.

    And I never told Eddie when I wrote him, not about Milly and Kitten and Paula and me sending kisses to the enemy. Eddie in his stiff collared uniform and his boots with a shine like glass and all his brass buttons glinting like gold. They got pictures took before they went away. He gave me his and he asked me to wait for him and I said I would. In the picture he is grinning and I remember him that way. I always remember him that way and I miss him still, even though it’s been a whole lifetime he’s been in the ground. And that’s the when and the why I kissed Kitten and that’s why she let me.

    And after, when the fighting was done, we dressed again in skirts and we kept to our kitchens and we made do with what we had and thought ourselves lucky enough and good. But the years on us are many now, and people pass us in the street and they don’t know and they don’t ask, and so there’s no smiles or good mornings, and we open the doors for ourselves. And all the girls wear trousers now, just cos they can, but it seems to me they don’t laugh the same, no one does, not like we laughed. And so I don’t know any more what Eddie died for.

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