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    She could see from there. That his mouth was wide open. He was screaming like a maniac. She ran on to the field. It took forever to get through the crowd around him. Didn’t they know she was his wife? By the time she got through a tall guy’s legs, they moved the stretcher to an ambulance. Then, as one paramedic hung outside trying to reach the door, the ambulance swung away from the curb.
    She stood there. She didn’t know where they took him. The town new to her meant not knowing where to find the right hospital. No one knew her that’s why they left the field without helping her. She wanted to think that was the reason. She didn’t want to think her new town, BlueLink, was a cold one. She wiped her eyes. Then, she walked over to the bleachers. The referee stood there along with four other men. “I’m Tony’s wife. Could you tell me what hospital…? She started crying again. “Yeah, sure. Their bound to take him over to McGraw General. It’s a great hospital. Jenny started to yell “thank you.” The words never came out. She fell down on the ground. Of all times to have a seizure. Her first thought when she regained consciousness was, “Tony, doesn’t know about my seizures. I never told him. I was afraid he wouldn’t marry me.’

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