3 Replies to “7.27.2014 Journal Prompt”

  1. “But was it worth it?” Ramona asked, squatting down on the grass beside the young couple.

    “Are you kidding?” Mira lit another cigarette, taking a deep drag. She blew smoke out in a circle before her and lay back down, resting her head on the large duffle bag she’d brought with her. She pointed a manicured finger at the jacket she wore. It was jet black with a matted fur texture and perfectly matched the crushed satin pants that covered her torso. She still couldn’t believe they were hers. “This is Dolce and Gabbana, fresh from the catwalk. No one else has even seen it yet. No one will even be able to buy it for months. Of course it was worth it.”

    Ramona turned to the bloke next to her. He was on his back with his knees propped up, hairy ankles poking out from the cuffs of his chinos. His duds were not nearly as fashionable as Mira’s, though he had a certain way about him. Alluring, she thought, albeit in a homeless couple in the park sort of a way. Like Jim Morrison meets Milan Fashion Week meets down-and- out-on-your-luck.

    “What about you Romeo?” she asked. “You’ve been camped out in this park for the past three days. Aren’t you sick of sleeping outdoors?”

    He gave a practiced shrug and announced, “I’m Mira’s slave. I go where she goes.”

    “He’s a sex addict. And I am his drug of choice.”

    In response, he cupped a nonchalant hand between Mira’s legs and gave a squeeze. Ramona blushed.

    “I’m a fashion student back home,” Mira explained. “This is Mecca to me. I found a cheap train ticket online but the hotels were so expensive. I needed money for the clothes. You can’t come all the way to Milan and walk around in your Marks and Spencer last years. You certainly can’t go into a show like that. So it was either sleep in the park or wait yet another year to attend fashion week.”

    Ramona couldn’t picture sleeping outdoors just to be able to afford expensive clothes. She didn’t even like camping for the fun of it.

    ***Drat….ran out of steam…..this is what I have written so far!*****

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