11.19.2014 Journal Prompt

Image from Boyhood
Image from Boyhood

November 19, 2014: Ma said he was trailer trash.

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  1. Sometimes I hate ma – with all my heart and soul I hate her, and I spit and cuss and call her for all the devil’s names. I hate the bitter she can be ‘bout every li’l thing. I hate that she ain’t so easy ‘bout livin, that she ain’t more like da and how he is. It don’t make no sense to me, how ma can be sometimes.

    Like when she said as how Ditsy Maydew was trouble for all men and just on account of Ditsy bein pretty as a film star picture and she wears her dresses a little shorter than ma thinks right and her lips is painted red as blood and all her words make the shape of kisses. And da said somethin one time, ‘bout Ditsy’s store and how it was like steppin into sunshine when you went there. And ma called Ditsy a bad word then and she said Ditsy was all fur and no knickers, which I don’t know what that means.

    And then there’s the teacher, Miss Tanner, and she’s pretty too and she said to da that she could see where I got the handsome that I was and she laid one hand soft and gentle on da’s arm and she smiled. And after, da said I was real lucky to have Miss Tanner for my teacher and he said teachers wasn’t like that in his day, no sir, no way, no how. And ma said Miss Tanner was a no good flirt and ma said Miss Tanner’s hair came out of a bottle and that spoke to her not bein so gen’ine.

    Seems to me that ma ain’t got a good word to say ‘bout no one. Like Billy Seton and ma calls him trailer trash and I reckon it ain’t ‘xactly fair to call him that on account of he’s just a kid and it ain’t his fault that he lives in a trailer. I been teachin him to read and he’s smart. Smart as paint da would say. And Billy’s always laughin and he’s dead grateful for me teachin him.

    Ma says I’m to stay away from the trailer park. She says they is just dirty and no good and they just lay about all day doin nothin but scratchin their fleabites. Ma ain’t fair when she says stuff like that. Da says I’m not to pay ma no nevermind. He slips me quiet a extra five dollars and he says I should get me and Billy Seton a ice cream come Saturday.

    I see da at the trailer park sometimes. He’s sort of friendly with a woman there called Judy. He sits outside her trailer some days and she fetches him a beer and she calls him by his name and she acts like she’s glad to be in the day – always smilin and all lit up inside. I seen ‘em kissin once, Judy and da, really kissin, and da strokin her hair like she was a cat he was fond of. And the way he looks at her sometimes, well, I reckon da loves Judy and I don’t mean on tellin ma ‘bout that, just like da don’t say ‘bout me teachin Billy his readin and takin Billy for a ice cream at Ditsy’s store on a Saturday. After all, ma’s bitter enough without I should add to it.

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