One Reply to “8.18.2015 Journal Prompt”

  1. I like older women. Not the sour faced ones carping at the day and the price of milk or bread, but the ones that have decided to enjoy life. The ones as have woken up and they don’t know where all the years have gone and their kids is all grown and all they’s left with is a man that can’t do for hisself and he sits in a armchair that holds his shape watching the world passing him by on his tv.

    I like what those women is and what they has to give and being with ‘em is a lift to the soul. Marty says I’m weird and he shakes his head and blows air and he says he don’t get me at all. He says I can have my pick of ‘em, my pick of any of the girls that come to the amusement park where I work – the prettiest of the whole goddam bunch I could have, he says, and he licks the ends of his fingers and pretends to sniff ’em. And he’s got stories to tell there.

    Marty’s got a trailer, see, at the back of the park, and he’s lost count of the girls he’s taken there and bedded and it aint no pissing contest talk when he says that. And he says I could do just the same. And I know he’s right cos that’s how I started out.

    Thing is, when you aint been with no girl before, you don’t know what’s what and you don’t know what you like or don’t like. And the first girl I was with, well she had tits the size of lemons and she was thin as sticks and clothes looked good on her. And she was pretty as a model and she made a small noise like a kitten mewling when she kissed. And we fucked in the dark at the back of the park, and it was quick as quick. And afterwards she kept coming back to the park and looking to catch my eye and I could see she thought she loved me and she wanted me to be loving her back – and, well, I couldn’t, and her face was all serious and pinched and hurt. And that’s how it was for maybe a dozen young girls.

    And then one night, these older women was on the ride, and two of ‘em was just laughing like drains the whole time, and the wind caught their dresses and lifted ‘em above their waists so they was all on show. And they just laughed. And we been taught to flirt with all the women, no matter their age, so they leave having had a good time and they maybe want to pay for a second ride or a third, and I was doing like that with these women and it was fun.

    Long story short, this one woman came back with me to Marty’s cabin – we had an arrangement by this time and I paid him a little of my wages for the use of his bed – and she must have been in her fifties and all sag and fold and roll. And she knew what she wanted and she was the best fuck of my life – I swear it. And we laughed the whole time and had fun, and she said I was pretty and she tucked fifty quid into my hand when she left and I never saw her again. And I been with lots of older women since.

    Yes, so I like ’em, older women, a certain kind of older woman, and I like the fun that they is after and how they is living for the moment and not looking back at what they’ve lost. And that fun rubs off on me, and when they’ve gone back into the night and back to their husbands, well, I reckon as we are both a little happier for what we done. And Marty don’t get it all and I aint for explaining it to him.

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