Narrative Nudge ~ September 5, 2017

Image from To Sir, With Love

9.5.2017: We had so much to learn.

(Bonus: listen up!


3 Replies to “Narrative Nudge ~ September 5, 2017”

  1. I turned back from the distraction of Tony’s antics to see my pencil almost imperceptibly, but deliberately rolling it’s way to the edge of the desk. “Damn him” muttering under my breath I thought but aware of glances my way. I grabbed out frantically furtively at the rolling pencil and missed. Clarissa caught it as it propelled its way into the small space between us, and handed it back to me with those big gorgeous eyes. Whispering “don’t worry Marc no one saw it.” The pencil? I wondered. Or the note to her? Or my thoughts about her? Sliding my note to her under the assignment a familiar shadow appeared over my desk. “Mr. Jackson at it again I see.” “Sir” I started my excuse, but he just looked down on me with his tight smile and said “no, please, just get on your work.” I could feel everyone’s eyes on me but I didn’t care. Clarissa was worth it. “And be thinking of the essay you’ll be writing tonight when you get home.” The shadow moved on. And I was free to play with the pencil again. We had so much to learn back then. But how could we know.

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