Good Times in Three Days

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I overheard a friend recently say that every woman is afraid every day…. “Your characters are so stupid,” the woman said…. Two weeks in Paris, Philip and I. 

And These Are the Good Times, Patricia Ann McNair

In just three days, I will be celebrating the launch of my second book, And These Are the Good Timeswith friends and family and with the wonderful folks from Side Street Press, my publisher. In honor and anticipation of this life event, I am sharing the first sentence of three essays that hold the third place in each of the three sections of the collection.

Thanks for reading! – PMc

One Reply to “Good Times in Three Days”

  1. Looking forward to reading more!

    I plan on learning more from your work regarding how to write great creative nonfiction, as well, since I don’t live in Chicago and cannot take your classes ( I think you still teach). I keep on writing year after year as if in a state of happy madness, yet know I have a distance to cover in refining any narrative. It’s all write/rework/write/revise as we know. And then being bold and disciplined enough to send another piece out.

    Your new book is testament to there being an end in sight when a victory is claimed. At least, from the few sentences I have read thus far. Best wishes, Patricia!

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