Great Books, Great Places ~ Celebrating Indie Bookstores (guidelines)

All The World ~ image by Martha Weintraub

Do you have a favorite independent bookstore? A place you visit in your own hometown or on the road? A place with friendly folks, great books, cozy nooks and crannies, a perfect cup of coffee? Interesting book clubs? Evocative readers’ series?

Great Books, Great Places is a series dedicated to celebrating the independent bookstore, and you can help. Here’s how:

  • Take a photo (or two, or three) of your favorite indie bookstore.
  • Write a brief description of the shop; perhaps an anecdote from your visits.
  • Provide the location. A website would be good, too, but not necessary.
  • Include in your contribution this line: “I agree to let Patricia Ann McNair use these images and this information in her blog series Great Book, Great Places.”
  • Send the photos and the rest to

I will let you know when the post with your bookstore on-line. Make sure to let the bookstore know that you are honoring them in this way.

And thanks for reading! -PMc

Thanks to Martha Weintraub for the image above.

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