TBT ~ My Father’s Writing

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Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. – Jean Cocteau

My dad was a writer. Journalism, mostly, but books, too. Career books, how-to-get-a-job books. (It’s in the blood, I guess, this writing thing. My mom, too, was a writer. My grandfather. Three of my brothers.) And here is what I remember: he was a two-finger typist. Fast, hunt and peck. I remember also, sitting at the reception desk of his small personnel firm in the 70s when he paid me some tiny bit of cash to do clerical stuff–phones, filing–and hearing the sound of the typewriter keys as he struck them. The occasional “Aw, shit,” when he hit the wrong key, when he had to rip a missive-in-progress out of the carriage, crumple it up, toss it away.

But mostly, when I think of my father’s writing, I think of his beautiful, messy cursive. My 2017-03-30 10.38.01mother was a bit more of a formalist: even letters, precise dots and crosses above the I’s, over the T’s. Her writing was pretty to look at, easy to read. Dad’s, though. His–to me–was like art.


4 Replies to “TBT ~ My Father’s Writing”

  1. I agree with you! Your father was a fast and eloquent thinker, with a rapier, fine wit. A lot of physical energy and strength and passion as well as mental. But I suspect he was also very discerning and critical as well as just careful when editing and researching. A critical thinker and motivated doer. Oh, forgive me for speaking up–but he had such verve! I loved this–I am an amateur graphologist! It makes me happy that you, his daughter, loved his writing and shared it with others. I’ll bet he was proud of you all–that’s amazing writerly lineage. (My family were/are nearly all musicians, so I get the family thing…most of us write, too.)

  2. PS. I loved my parent’s (dad’s) handwriting, as well. If it is alright with you, may I use this idea for my own post on f family writing, sometime? _ I have written of handwriting analysis in both fiction and nonfiction WP posts but not so personally. I would be glad to link back to yours.

    1. Hello, Cynthia! Sorry for the late response. I would be honored to be partly responsible for whatever inspires you, and for being linked to your site. Thank you for reading and responding so warmly. xo

      1. Thanks, Patricia! I will put this topic and your link on my “jottings and ideas list” and see what happens. I write and post one creative nonfiction piece per week (as well as one short story and also poem, usually with photos).

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